How to clean stubborn pet hair (dog and cat) from carpet and upholstery (sofa)

We love our pets right? But pet hair can spoil your nice tidy home and isn’t great when guests visit either….

If you have a home with pets eg: cats or dogs you will know one of the unfortunate side effects is of course the dreaded pet hair they leave behind. Some animals leave more or less but generally it needs cleaning and you need a good and effective way of cleaning this in your home.

In most cases pet hair will fall off and sit on top of your carpets and upholstery etc but what happens if that pet hair gets embedded into upholstery material such as the type found on your sofa?

Well this can present a rather annoying and frustration problem, fortunately for you there are several solutions which range in effort and price. Obviously the more you are prepared to pay it generally means cleaning pet hair becomes more efficient and less tiresome for you personally. We shouldn’t forget you also want a solution that can be used regularly as pets drop hair most of the time.

I have created a list of the best solutions I can think of ranging from more costly to the cheapest option:

Option 1: Vacuum the pet hair

By far the most efficient and time saving way of removing pet hair is to use a power vacuum cleaner. However it isn’t as simple as that because most embedded pet hair won’t just come out you really need a vacuum cleaner like the Vax U84-AL-Pe Air Lift which combines powerful suction, multi-cyclonic technology, motorised brush head for carpets and a powerful turbo brush tool for upholstery.

There are many vacuum cleaners available on the market and the Vax U84-AL-Pe is just an example of a well engineered vacuum cleaner which has been specifically designed to do the job for pet owners.

Whichever vacuum cleaner you decide to use you really want to use a tool which has a bristles that rotate and pick up embedded pet hair as it makes the job so much easier and less time consuming.

Option 2: Rubber brush

The next option available to you is to use a good quality rubber brush in fact there are some pet brushes which will do a great job at removing embedded pet hair and you can simply pick it up and put whatever there is in your bin.

Although this is much more manually intensive and doesn’t work as well as vacuuming.

Option 3: Sticky roller

The last option is to use a sticky roller like what you would use on your clothes to remove hair or dust etc. You can simply run the sticky roller over your upholstery and it will pick up any pet hair.

It’s not the bets solution because of your carpets as you would be there all day and it soon needs a new sticky strip as the old strips get full of dust and hair quite quickly.